SOLE PRINT (Inkless kit for taking exemplars from feet and footwear)


Confirguration: Soleprint Kit
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The Sole Print kit consists of a folder made out of two foam filled impression pads, a yellow print pad and a pack of sensitized sheets of paper of 20 x 40 cm / 8 x 16”.
The specially designed impression pads ensure that the sole makes nearly full contact with the yellow printing pad and then with the paper. While making the impression on the paper the foam pad helps to reduce the wrinkling of the paper to a minimum, so that no blank spots appear in the impression.

  • Free from harmful chemicals

  • BPA-free (Bisphenol A) printing paper

  • Large paper size of 20 x 40 cm / 8 x 16”, 100 g/m2    / 26.5 lb

  • Folder with impression pads can be separated and positioned in a convenient direction

Kit contains SolePrint, set of 2 impression pads, coater and 100 sheets of paper

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