Solucide Disinfectant (16 oz Spray)

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Solucide is an EPA registered hospital strength hard surface cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer and mildew stat. Solucide does not contain the suspected carcinogen ortho-phenylphenol or any other phenolic compounds. Solucide is effective against pseudomonas and is turberculocidal in 5 minutes at room temperature (22 degrees Celsius). Solucide contains no alcohol or glutaraldehyde and has a fresh lemon scent.

  • Kills Norovirus (Norwal Virus)

  • Fast Parvo Virus

  • Kills SARS associated Coronavirus

  • Kills Hepatitus A Virus

  • Kills Hepatitus B Virus

  • Kills Hepatitus C Virus

  • Fast TB Kill

  • Kills HIV

  • Bactericidal (MRSE, MRSA, VRE, VISA, Strep pyogenes)

  • Virucidal

  • Fungicidal

  • Pseudomonacidal

  • Fresh Lemon Scent

  • EPA Registered

  • Neutral pH

  • Ready to Use

  • Safe for Use in Food Preparation Areas

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