Swiff Natural Odour Eliminator

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Size: 40 ml
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Eliminate Smelly Duty Vests and Duty Bags caused by the Summer Heat.

 Swiff uses 2 chemicals other than water, and the ingredients are petrochemical free meaning they have a much lower carbon footprint than other odor-fighting technologies. One ingredient is a plant polyphenol (gallnut extract) that is extracted from plants and a sustainable commodity and has no negative environmental effects. The other is ionic silver (silver nitrate), which is natural, fairly abundant, but can pose a risk to aquaculture. However Swiff uses 10x less than what the US EPA classifies as having no negative environmental effects.

Silver has been used for thousands of years as an antimicrobial agent as it is naturally available and relatively abundant. It was only with the advent of synthetic antimicrobial agents that it fell out of favor. However, it has recently re-emerged for use, especially for killing odor-causing microbes, because it is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and doesn't lead to antimicrobial resistance.

**NOTE-Swiff must be applied to substrate that is clean in order to have desired results** The colorless plant antioxidants stick to any surface on the molecular level, and hold the silver in place so that the coatings can have long-lasting antimicrobial activity.  If applied to a dirty surface it will coat the microbes instead of the fabric.  


-Hypoallergenic, Pet-Safe, and Kid-Safe

-Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free

-Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

-Long-lasting and Colorless

-Free from Chemicals, Aluminum, Parabens, Nanoparticles, Fragrances, Propellants, and PFAS

-Incredibly long lasting (5+ washes with test clothes lasting 50-60 machine washes)

Protecting Clothes, Fabrics, & Everyday Objects

1. Lay out your clean clothes, fabrics, pillows, or whatever else.

2. Spray the silver 5-10 times on problem areas like armpits (Vest Carriers should be completely sprayed for best results).

3. Spray the plant antioxidant 5-10 times on the same area.

4. Let it air dry (about 5 minutes) and you're ready to go! If the spray droplets bead up on your fabric, let the spray sit for 5 minutes and then gently spread it over the object with a tissue and let it dry.

- Spray about 6-10 inches (15-25 centimeters) from the fabric for best results. 

SWIFF Can be Used on All Sorts of Things

Activewear/Duty Vests

Perfect for gym shirts, yoga pants, socks, golf clothes, base layers for winter and hiking activities, or anything else you sweat in! We recommend 10 sprays of each ingredient on each armpit or area of concern.

Shoes & Shoe Inserts

They might be far from our noses, but stinky shoes can pack an olfactory punch! SWIFF is perfect for anything you wear, including your shoes, socks, boots, and everything else that goes on your feet. We recommend 5 sprays of each ingredient for each shoe.

Business Clothes

Perfect for undershirts, dress shirts, suits, coats, blouses and anything else, so you can stay fresh in the office or on the go! Spray the insides of coats and suits for the best results. We recommend 5 sprays of each ingredient for each armpit of coats and other clothing that will go over an inner layer of clothes.

Sheets and Pillows

Are you a night sweater? SWIFF is perfect for keeping your sheets and pillows smelling fresh! We recommend 20-25 sprays of each ingredient for each side of the pillow or pillow case.

Upholstery and Carpets

Messy kids or pets? SWIFF is perfect for fabrics that they regularly come into contact with!

Toys, Plushies, Bibs, and Blankets

Babies are cute, but some of their smells are not! SWIFF is perfect for protecting all the things that you and your baby cherish.

Pet Beds

Perfect for protecting your fur baby's bed! Just remember to SWIFF it after you wash it, so the long-lasting protection can be locked into the clean fabric.

Yoga Mats

There's nothing worse than stretching on a stinky mat. While you're trying to get peace of mind you have to worry about those germs that cause odors. SWIFF is perfect for your personal mat!

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