The Coverup Evidence Protector, 20/pkg

Tri-TechSKU: E-2520

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Coverups were developed to protect a wide variety of evidence at crime scenes, including pistols, knives, shell casings, etc., from being rained on, snowed on, stepped on, moved, or picked up by unauthorized personnel.

Unlike Styrofoam coffee cups or other lightweight items, Coverups are made of a clear plastic material, allowing you to see the evidence without having to remove the Coverup protecting it.

Coverups won't blow away in the wind because they come with 4 adhesive strips that will stick to almost any dry surface, from sidewalks to carpets, 4 barbed tabs that lock onto grass and 4 holes which allow you to secure Coverups on dirt, sand, mud, or snow by using 4 to 6 nails.

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