Trajectory Stringing Kit, 6 Colours, Replaceable Spools

SirchieSKU: SH-2409

Material: Trajectory Stringing Kit
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The Elastic Cord set eliminates the issue of sagging encountered when using traditional string or twine. This more accurately reflects the true trajectory of projectiles or blood during scene reconstruction. The kit includes 6 spools of elastic cord: fluorescent green, orange, yellow and reflective silver. The colors are highly visible, and the reflective cord as well as the fluorescent cord can aid in highlighting specific trajectories during photography or videography.

LTF200EC Contents:

1- LTF200G Fluorescent Green Elastic Cord on spool ( 1/6" dia. x 720 y)

1- LTF200S Reflective Sliver Elastic Cord on spool (1/16" dia. x 720 y)

2- LTF200N Fluorescent Orange Elastic Cord on spool (1/16" dia. x 720 y)

2- LTF200Y Fluorescent Yellow Elastic Cord on spool (1/16" dia. x 720 y)

1- Clear Plastic Dispenser Case

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