Traxtone® Casting Powder Kits

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Traxtone is a diestone dental stone material that produces highly detailed impressions with minimum setting time. Casting material is pre-measured in special 2lbs (.9kg) mixing bags. Simply add water and begin mixing. Special pigment flakes embedded inside the casting material indicate when the Traxtone is sufficiently mixed. Once all the pigment flakes have been blended into the mixture, it is ready to pour. Setting time is approximately 20–30 minutes. Because each bag is self-contained, Traxtone is easy to store and transport. There is no need to repackage bulk material and no need to worry about moisture. Traxtone provides superior detail reproduction and durability and has a higher compression strength than most casting materials at 18,000 psi.

Each Traxtone kit includes:

5 bags of Traxtone, a measuring cup for water, a bottle of hair spray to hold loose dirt and sand in place before casting, and a 12” (30.5cm) wooden ruler. Bulk Traxtone bags are also available as refills.

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