Versa Light Kit

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Versa Light is two in one - on one side you have 15x3-watt high power LED lamps with white projected light and on the other you have 12x3-watt high power LED lamps with projected blue light (450-460nm). Versa Light is versatile and portable. It can be used as a hand held lamp and also be mounted on a telescope handle for searching shoe prints on the floor. In the system you also have a light stand designed to give you a suitable position of the light source for ultimate photographing result.

• Versa Light - White and Blue (450nm) lamp
• Rechargeable Battery
• Plug-in Transformer w/ Belt Clip
• Light Stand with Ball Head
• Handheld Handle
• Telescoping Handle
• Orange Viewing Filter
• Light Reflecting Mirror
• Diffuser Filter
• Heavy Duty Carrying Case

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