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Hexagon OBTI

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Bluestar Hexagon OBTI
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Blood ID Kastle Meyer Phenolphthalein Test
Phenolphthalein from Pioneer Forensics
5-Sulfosalicylic Acid
Sirchie Aqueous Leuco Crystal Violet, 500ml
Sirchie Acid Yellow 7 Dye Stain, 8oz
Leuco Malachite Green, 10 g
Sirchie Blood Fixative, 8oz
Sirchie Hungarian Red, 500ml
Sirchie Amido Black Spray, 8oz
Synthetic Blood 8 oz
Spatter Blood 8 oz

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Sirchie Spatter Blood 8 oz
EDTA Disodium - 500g - ACS grade
Eosine Yellowish, 50 g
Calcium Chloride – 500 g
Methylene Blue, 100g
Methylene Blue, 1% Aqueous, 125 ml
Sodium Perborate 500g
Phadebas® Forensic A4 - Amylase Test

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