Crime Scene/Footwear/Tire Track Evidence

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Showing 1 - 36 of 40 products

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BVDA GelliftersBVDA Gellifters

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BVDA BVDA Gellifters
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Versa Light KitVersa Light Kit
eDust+ Electrostatic Lifter
Electrostatic Lifting Material - Latent Forensics
Electrostatic Lifting Mats, 2' x 3', 5 pack
Stat Lift - 100/pk
Adjustable Footwear Photography Stand
Forensic Source Footwear Holder
Foot Trex from Pioneer Forensics
Casting Frame

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Casting Frame
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Disposable Casting FramesDisposable Casting Frames
X-Large Flexible Mixing Bowl
Aerosol Dust and Dirt Hardener (15 oz Can)Aerosol Dust and Dirt Hardener (15 oz Can)
Acrylic Sand and Dirt Hardener, 11 oz
Snow Impression Wax 12 ozSnow Impression Wax 12 oz
Silicone Rubber Release Agent 4.5 oz
Snow Print Powder
Snow Print Plaster
Shake-N-Cast Impression KitShake-N-Cast Impression Kit
Sirchie Casting Plaster, 8lbs
Tire and Footprint Plaster Casting Kit
Traxtone® Casting Powder Kits
Traxtone® Casting Powder-Buff (20 re-fills)
Dental Stone-Buff (50 lbs)
Master Shake-N-Cast Impression Kit
Foundry Sand for Shoe/Tire impressions
Potassium Thiocyanate, 500 g
Fractional Digital Caliper
11.6" x 18.6" Acetate Sheets  (10)

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